Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Ethan!

Oh blog, how I've neglected you. No new blog posts since December of last year!!!! Yeah, embarrassing...but I've got exciting news. That's all about to change. Carollo Photography is now an official entity! Seriously! I'm hoping to make some changes and new announcements here soon so make sure to stay tuned!
Enough about me though, its time to talk about a family that helped me make this possible. Oh Nikki, Andy and Ethan. You guys are incredible. I'm so glad we could revisit to take 2 year pictures of little Ethan. He is quite the character now! We met up at Garden of the Gods and went for a little walk. Ethan was very insistent that he hold my hand while we walked around. I'm so very thankful that the my first family came back for more. I'd love to make it a tradition. Hope everybody enjoys pictures of this amazing family and please make sure to stay tuned!

Yup, he's awesome.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"B" Family Pictures

I can't believe how long its been since I've posted! I've been so busy with the Holidays that this poor blog has been shoved aside. Well a couple weeks back I got to do a fun shoot with the "B" family. They just wanted a couple pictures for their Christmas card and also some recent pictures taken of their sons. This shoot was a little different from most of my others as we stayed indoors the entire time. While it was a challenge, it was great practice for me to refamiliarize myself with the manual settings on my camera. Amber and Mark's boys are so fun to watch! They can be rough but enjoy every single moment of it! I think my son did a good job picking a best friend! Thanks so much Amber and Mark! We had such a great time for our get-together!

Yeah, that's Buzz Lightyear posing in the picture too. Oops!

Friday, November 12, 2010

What I'm Thankful For

With Thanksgiving drawing nearer, I always stop and think about things I have to be thankful for. There are the obvious things that I think about: a wonderful family, friends, a house, a working car, a job, etc. Wouldn't you know it, one thing I'm greatful for is photography. Sorry if you were expecting something else but this is my photography blog so it only makes sense I talk about it. Here's why I'm thankful for having it in my life.

The other day I was looking at pictures of my children that I had taken over the past few years. Not all the pictures were great, in fact, several of the pictures were out of focus or were overexposed. However, I couldn't help but laugh and have my heart bursting with love and joy reviewing the past three years. There were pictures of first smiles, first steps, first haircut, messy faces, odd sleeping places and even our poor dog wearing toddler clothes. Sure there have been tears and sleepless nights filled with frustration but these seemed so insignificant compared to the good times. What made me even more greatful was a conversation I recalled with an individual.

We were talking about how I hadn't originally planned on pursuing photography much, and that one big reason I had bought a digital camera was for capturing moments of my children. He told me that while he had a digital camera, he very rarely got it out to take pictures of his children. He didn't give a specific reason why, just that he hadn't gotten around to it.

Thinking back on that conversation, it kinda bums me out. Sure, our mind is the best camera ever created, but you can't possibly remember every single moment of your child's life. It made me so glad that one day I will be able to sit down with my family and look back at the past years and remember how much fun we had together. Now don't get me wrong, I don't look down on that person for not having pictures of his kids. Its just that those feelings and emotions are now captured forever and THAT is why I am so thankful for photography.

If you've read through all this, I truly thank you for sticking with my ramblings. I know I can be long winded. If you don't have children of your own, well I'm REALLY greatful you kept reading through. People with children get kinda crazy passionate about them.

Here are some pictures of my kids from a couple weeks ago on Halloween (I know, I'm bad that I haven't uploaded anything more recent). Thanks again for all your support!

She didn't much care for the leaves!
He was having an awesome leaf fight with Mom!
He could swing forever and be okay with it.

Gloria, Michael and Family

You know what feels great? Being able to say you have returning clients! Gloria asked me to do some more pictures for her family. This time she wanted some family pictures and pictures of her beautiful little granddaughter. We met at the bottom of Cheyenne Canon where you cannot go wrong for scenery. It's such a beautiful area that truly shows of Colorado beauty. I got to take some more pictures of little Adam who is such a cool guy. With Michael being a pilot, Adam is the only 2yr old I've met that knows what contrails are. I had a blast taking pictures of this awesome family and the beautiful little ones. I'm not even saying that because they're returning clients. Here are a few of the shots.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Cummins Family

Sarah emailed me several months ago about taking pictures for her family. We had exchanged emails back and forth about cool places here in the Springs to go and decided on Fox Run Park. Sarah is the first person to approach me about pictures that my wife and I didn't know personally so it made the experience that much more exciting. When we finally met, I got to meet the awesome Gavin. Sarah warned me that he might be kind of a ham and she was right. He is one of the funniest 2 year olds I've met. When he slipped and fell a couple of times, he would quickly recover and say "it's all part of the plan!" At one point in the shoot, he ran up to me and asked if I could go play with him at the playground. I loved every moment of our time together and really wanted to thank Sarah, Shannon and Gavin for their time and their patience. They truly are a beautiful family!

Shanon and Family

Shanon asked me a little while ago if I would be able to take pictures of her and her kids. Shanon and I have worked together for a few years now and I can say she has one of the best attitudes of anybody that I know. I've never seen her mad and she can put a smile on anybody's face. When we met up I got to meet her two incredible kids Caitlan and Rayne. These two are the epitome of big sister and little brother. They would bicker a little here and there between shots, even argued about who called "shotgun" first. However, once I would hold up the camera, they would do adorable poses all on their own. Secretly, I think they love each other a lot. Here are a few pics of this beautiful family.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Baby "L"

One of my friends April approached me about having some pictures done of her granddaughter. To say Baby "L" is "loved" is an understatement. When I was there taking pictures of her, everybody was crowded around her "oohing" and "ahhing" her every move and noise. Even the family dog came in and laid down next to her while she was sleeping. She's such a beautiful little girl and is so lucky to be surrounded by such a loving family. Many thanks and congrats to April and family!
She makes the cutest smiles when she sleeps
I also took a couple pictures of April's "Momma Bird"

He's such a handsome guy!